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Musical Theater - Audio

"Goodnight My Someone" - Legit Ballad
"Being Alive" - Contemporary Belt


Musical Theater - Video

"Will He Like Me" from She Loves Me   "Gimme Gimme" from Thoroughly Modern Millie
Legit Soprano - dramatic ballad   Contemporary Belt - uptempo
South Pacific Medley from Mary Martin Tribute   "Sorry" by Richard Eisenberg
Legit Soprano - uptempo   Pop/Country Ballad - dramatic story song
"Calm" from Ordinary Days   "Embraceable You" from Crazy For You
Contemporary Belt - comedic story song   Legit Soprano - comedic
"Perfect" by Alanis Morissette   "Somewhere That's Green" from Little Shop Of Horrors
Rock Belt - driving ballad   Pop Ballad - dramatic
"Comes Once in a Lifetime" from Subways Are For Sleeping   "The Story Goes On" from Baby
Legit Soprano/duet - comedic (includes scene)   Contemporary Belt - dramatic story song

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Indie Drama (1:27) - Young woman talks to her mom about having cold feet.


Episodic TV (0:37) - Assistant is intimidated by her dangerous boss

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One Live to Live (0:58) - Clips from 4 different episodes.
Feature Comedy, clip 2 (1:35) - A relationship author swears off sex

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Outtakes / Gag Reels
Indie Comedy (3:07) - What happens when actors are asked to improv at 5am  

(6:29) What shenanigans are in store when actors are quieted for room tone?


Indie Comedy (6:56) - See improv at its best and ice cream at its worst.


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