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  Hamlet (Erin as "Ophelia" and Co-Director)    
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Jennifer Lau, Close Encounters of a Theatrical Kind- “Standouts among the cast included Brandon Walker, as the titular prince and Erin Cronican as the doomed Ophelia. Ms. Cronican’s portrayal of Ophelia was brilliant – her Ophelia was not an overly hysterical, lovesick girl whose passion for Hamlet was her only reason for living; her descent to madness was gradual and believable, and heartbreaking to witness.”

Bill Madison, Billevesees- "There’s much else to recommend the production, and I do also want to single out Erin Cronican’s Ophelia, whose ultra-contemporary sassiness is absolutely faithful to the words on the page and helps her to build a surprisingly effective character — recognizable and yet still registering all the horror and pity of the poor girl’s plight. And in the mad scene, she sings, too. So there."


Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor- "I know what you’re thinking — I’ve seen Hamlet before. But if the world made more sense, [those] who are studying Shakespeare would show up at the Sargent Theatre to experience Shakespeare with this engrossing production of Hamlet from The Seeing Place instead of experiencing his work through Sparknotes (or worse, Wikipedia)...Erin Cronican‘s Ophelia is less coquettish and is tougher, less of a “punching bag” than she typically is portrayed. Of course, Ophelia has mental issues of her own, and as usual she matches Walker’s intensity with an on-stage breakdown of her own."

Howard Miller, Upstage-Downstage- “Voyeurism, simplified. That is the motto of The Seeing Place, one of those amazing up-and-coming shoestring-budget theater companies that manage to pull off compelling and gutsy productions of challenging plays in various pockets of the city...standouts include the company’s managing director Erin Cronican as an overprotected and vulnerable Ophelia..."

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Peter Filichia, Reviewer- “I know, I know. You've seen HAMLET a million times (except that you really haven't) and you don't want to see it again. My first one was that famous 1964 production with Richard Burton; I saw 12 more until last night, when I caught The Seeing Place Theater's new production. Brandon Walker is a GREAT Dane, giving new interpretations to so many lines that I'm overwhelmed at how fresh he makes these 400-year-old lines sound. He co-directed with Erin Cronican, who plays Ophelia quite wonderfully (love the expression on her face when she's called "a baby"). Watch them share the stage in a scene where you don't expect them to both be on it. (I'm being purposely vague here so you'll attend.)...DON'T get thee to a nunnery; get to the ATA instead!."

Corry Doyle, Patron via Time Out NY- “Hamlet's brilliance capped in madness is profound and watching things go awry as Hamlet schemes, particularly the unexpected effects his actions have on Ophelia is captivating."



  A Lie of the Mind (Erin as "Beth")    
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor- "The revelation here in Cronican, who completely commits herself to her difficult role in a way I’ve never quite seen from her before. It’s always wonderful to still be surprised by someone I’ve seen on stage several times in the past. Yet it would be unfair just to point at the two leads — there are a number of faces new to The Seeing Place in the cast, and though it’s hard to take your eyes off Cronican when she’s onstage their performances need to be recognized. This is one of the largest and, across the board, strongest casts The Seeing Place has ever had in one of the company’s productions."

Jenni Prisk, Actors Alliance- “When theatre lovers go to New York, they follow the yellow brick road to Broadway shows. Yet there is much to be gained from taking a side road to an off-Broadway theatre as I discovered recently [at] The Seeing Place. Their current production of Sam Shepard’s A Lie of the Mind is an intense, intelligent and inspiring piece of theatre. Shepard loves to plumb the depths of the human condition. This production, directed by Brandon Walker who plays Jake, takes no prisoners. Cronican is a standout as the beaten and bowed Beth whose delicate climb to the light as she searches for love is a delight to watch.”


Jennifer Szulman, Review Fix- “Cronican’s depiction of this broken woman was compelling and a bit eerie to watch. Her character, left in a vegetative state only able to mutter a few jumbled sentences and unable to even walk alone, Cronican, remains alive as ever in this role..”

Nicholas Linnehan, Theater That Matters- "Erin Cronican, as Beth, digs deep and finds the will of her character to survive. (I have seen Cronican perform numerous times, but never on this profound level.) Her struggle, as Beth, to regain some sense of “normalcy” is palpable and inspiring."

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Mikael Sodesten, Director (Wilderness Films)- “First time I ever saw - and listened to (!) - a staging of this Shepard play. And it truly came alive for me...All of the cast - devoted, intense, quick and sensitive - triumphed. [Jake's] final farewell from Beth, played with equal amount of physical and psycho-emotional virtuosity by Erin Cronican, moved me without trying to do so. I will revisit and follow where this troupe takes itself - it promises to be an exciting alternative on the New York scene, free of compromise and with its artistic heart and mind in a very sane and respectful place.”

"josephg", Patron via Theatermania- "THIS PLAY WAS AMAZING!! I saw it yesterday afternoon and from the start Brandon Walker draws you in and Erin Cronican was exceptional. The entire cast a WOW!!! Extremely talented. I highly recommend that everyone see this. I look forward to supporting this theater group!!"



  Love Song (Erin as "Molly" and Director)    
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

J Scott Mitchell, Reviews Off Broadway- "Enter Molly, played by Erin Cronican, a burglar with an attitude...Ms. Cronican’s character Molly benefits from lovely writing, and she gives a nicely restrained performance. A burglar that stirs emotion in wounded psyche, and then responds to it, is a tough act to render believably."

Peter Filichia, Filichia on Friday - “I always get to the Seeing Place Theater whenever this young, ambitious company does a show. Even after only a few productions, I learned that Brandon Walker and Erin Cronican are two wonderful actors in town...”


Jennifer Szulman, ReviewFix- "Molly, played by Erin Cronican also Director of the show, soon becomes the light that brightens up Beane’s dark days. When she is around, nothing bad can happen. Cronican and Walker, still riding high from their summer success in “The Lover” and “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea” are a joy to watch. The relationship between Beane and Molly starts to parallel Joan and Harry’s. When things go well for them, Joan and Harry see progression in their communication as well."

Zak Risinger, Theatre is Easy- “The ensemble works exceptionally well together and I would be hard-pressed to single any one performance out over the other. Every performer is putting 101% of their heart and soul out on the stage and it’s a beautiful thing to watch. I hope that The Seeing Place Theater continues to push the boundaries of theater in the off off Broadway community by producing thought-provoking, smart, and well-acted theatre.”

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol - "The Seeing Place Theater’s production of [Love Song] at the ATA Sargent Theater is as close to perfect as Love Song will get...Erin Cronican is feisty and fun as Beane’s imaginary friend Molly...Love Song is the kind of show The Seeing Place does very well, and it is their commitment to affordable, entertaining, live theater that keeps audiences coming back for more."




  Danny and the Deep Blue Sea (Erin as "Roberta")    
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol - "Erin Cronican takes a star turn as a woman whose love might be able to save Danny, but isn’t enough to save herself. Her performance of Roberta was the most genuine and touching performance I have seen this year."

Peter Filichia, Filichia on Friday - “The finest performances I saw this month came from Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, two young actors in two one-acters: Pinter’s “The Lover “and Shanley’s “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,” courtesy of their theater company The Seeing Place. I was so impressed at their naturalness; these kids weren’t acting but had just happened to become the characters, that’s all. I look forward to seeing more at The Seeing Place.”


Ron Covar, Best of Off-Broadway - "The casting of Walker and Cronican is truly inspired. Erin Cronican holds her own as she matches Walker's pitch-perfect portrayal of Danny. Their chemistry is so perfect that John Patrick Shanley must have been truly proud and delighted to see this endearing pair bring real flesh and blood to Danny and Roberta... With this play, The Seeing Place has conquered its own Scylla and Charybdis as it has succeeded in planting the seed towards earning the distinction that it truly deserves. And the people who have seen this remarkable production certainly believe that The Seeing Place has finally arrived."

Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor - "This is the third Seeing Place production that I’ve been invited to review this season and perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay them is that I make sure I have been there every time...What The Seeing Place puts on stage is constantly worth seeing. While these two productions are much smaller in scope than their previous productions I’ve reviewed, both prove that The Seeing Place is one of the theater companies worth noticing if you haven’t already."

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Scott Mitchell, Reviews Off Broadway - "As presented by The Seeing Place Theater, it is a vibrant and emotional story exploring venerability and redemption... It is a moving and great show. Director Ariel Francoeur and her actors have created an intense experience - full of surprise, apprehension and unexpected tenderness... The show has been extended this week, see it if you can."

Jennifer Szulsman, ReviewFix - "The way these two actors portray the sullenness of these characters is phenomenal. Everything from Cronican and Walker’s body language, to their clothing, to their...believable New York City accents is completely on point…”

Erin McGuff, Woman Around Town - "Cronican’s speeches as Roberta in “Danny “are especially astute...There are moments of Cronican’s portrayal of Roberta – when she confesses the “bad thing” she did to her father, for instance – in which she poignantly reveals what failure means to her character..."



  The Lover (Erin as "Sarah")    
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Richard Cameron, The Examiner - "TOP PICK FOR THEATER IN NY. The conversations between shows may just be the magic The Seeing Place Theater wanted to brand. Having shows in repertory allows theatre lovers to talk about what they just saw and anticipate the following play, both creating conversation about the art that have just witnessed or what they are about to experience. With the ticket price at $12. a play, a special price of $20 for both plays, The Seeing Place has created affordable theatre and a new brand of live theatre that could stick around NYC for years to come."

Peter Filichia, Filichia on Friday - “The finest performances I saw this month came from Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker, two young actors in two one-acters: Pinter’s “The Lover “and Shanley’s “Danny and the Deep Blue Sea,” courtesy of their theater company The Seeing Place. I was so impressed at their naturalness; these kids weren’t acting but had just happened to become the characters, that’s all. I look forward to seeing more at The Seeing Place.”


Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor - "While Walker’s performance makes you question Richard’s sanity, Erin’s Sarah moves from coy to jealous and she highlights her performance with clever nuances — like how her body language changes and her cheerful humming when she’s waiting for her lover...The two have significant on-stage chemistry. I recommend going out to support The Seeing Place in order to help this talented company continue to explore larger, more challenging productions."

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

Erin McGuff, Woman Around Town - "Both Cronican and Walker are capable performers with a penchant for the tongue-in-cheek, and each possesses enough confidence to inspire a commanding stage presence. Two able actors, they handle the rich dialogue of Pinter with a good deal of awareness and expertise."



  Three Sisters (Erin as "Masha")    
Erin Cronican as Angie McKay
  Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol - "The strength of this company is in its actors... The romantic frisson between Erin Cronican and David Sedgwick is palpable and intense...Their low ticket prices make this classic drama a very affordable way to see real human beings and the plenitude of emotional experience that implies. That is a true gift in a world drowning in digital abstraction."

Joseph Samuel Wright, Theater Online- "Three Sisters is one of the great challenges in the Western dramatic cannon, and the Seeing Place makes a noble attempt to tackle the play. Their ambition affords them many opportunities to excel in moments... Erin Cronican (Masha) is deliciously droll and completely winning...The Seeing Place is obviously a commendable, ensemble-focused company whose dedication to cultivating the company audience is matched by a concern for their audience by making tickets affordable ($12)."

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay



  Closer (Erin as "Anna")    

"It takes a lot of guts – not to mention talent – for a small company to perform an award-winning play that was later turned into an award-winning film...The entire cast maintains undeniable chemistry despite the fact that all four characters never seem to interact as a whole group during the entire play... Rounding out the cast is Erin Cronican as Anna, who as a woman torn between two men has the heaviest role although Cronican shows an incredible range of emotion with her expressive voice and features...[This] production of Closer is a rare but welcome example of a cast which is stronger than its material."

-- Chris McKittrick, Daily Actor


"In this staging, in particular, both women seem powerless and unable to save themselves from being hurt and pushed around by the men’s infantile sexual and romantic whims. This may be due in part to the fact that actress Erin Cronican brings a greater vulnerability to Anna than I have seen in past performances. Her soft toned delivery and wide eyes show Anna to be a well meaning woman who can’t save herself from the imposing will of men. When she cheats on Larry with Dan and then on Dan with Larry she hardly seems responsible for her behavior...Overall the performances from the cast were strong, carrying the script’s unfolding emotions strongly enough for the story lines to remain completely riveting... Erin Cronican’s performance gives Anna enough vulnerability for her to be an entirely sympathetic character... Thanks to both well-timed music and convincing performances, the play had not a single dull moment."

-- Adrienne Urbanski, Theater is Easy

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay

"The ensemble members of The Seeing Place Theater draw the plot skein into a tight net to catch their characters and expose the deep fish that swim in their collective oceans of id. Erin Cronican is pliant but aloof as the photographer Anna. Older and knowledgeable, she represents a particular kind of fantasy for Dan and Larry. She creates beauty out of sadness, works of art from decay, true love from fantasy... In these recession strapped times it’s the best deal you can get on or off Broadway."

-- Will Kenton, Cultural Capitol



  Twelfth Night (Erin as "Maria")    

"The Seeing Place brought their characteristic (and indefatigable) enthusiasm to the piece. Standouts included Artistic Director Brandon Walker as Malvolio, Associate Artistic Director Anna Marie Sell as Olivia, Erin Cronican as Maria, and the inventive Nathan Ramos as Andrew Aguecheek."

-- Molly Hagan, Broadway World


"The Seeing Place Theater Company dedicates itself to the reality of the play; it strives to show conflict and characters as something universal, human, and real... Almost all the humor of Twelfth Night is ... between Sir Toby Belch (Jorge Hoyos), Andrew Aguecheek (Nathan Ramos), and Maria (Erin Cronican). These three actors manage to balance slice-of-life performance with more theatrical techniques that keep them lively and interesting. Almost every member of the cast achieves the acting style magnificently..."

-- Emily Hockaday, Show Business Weekly


"The strength of this production clearly lies in the performance of its actors... Erin Cronican as Maria is also a highly competent actress."

-- Ron S. Covar, Best of Off-Broadway

Erin Cronican as Angie McKay



    Subways Are For Sleeping (Erin as "Angie McKay")

"The score is full of wonders, and the richly talented cast performs it expertly. This is truly musical comedy, a now extinct species, and it is a marvel to me that you can find performers who can still do it... As the object of [Tom's] affection, a wily reporter, Erin Cronican is enormously winning, excelling in "Once in a Lifetime" and "I Said It and I'm Glad." 

-- Howard Kissel, NY Daily News


"What a wonderful cast director Hector Coris has. Erin Cronican excells as Angie, the magazine writer who’s been assigned to study these drop-outs. Spencer Plachy charms as Tom, the most industrious of the idle with whom she falls in love... Styne's music deserves to be better known, for... the lyrics are fun, [and] 'Once In A Lifetime' [is] a bouncy piece of optimism."

-- Peter Filichia, Theatermania


"As Angie, Erin Cronican is nicely vulnerable and connects well with her lyrics..."

-- Erik Haagensen, Backstage.com




    The Last Five Years (Erin as "Cathy")

"Co-starring in the show with Lorenz is Erin Cronican, who's poised, likable and has a lovely melodic voice... Cronican has a sweet tone to her voice, a classy stage presence, and she makes her character's pain believable. Her phrasing and delivery are terrific, particularly in the comic "A Summer in Ohio" and the opening "Still Hurting."

-- North County Times, San Diego


"As the idealized wife, Cathy, Erin Cronican [is] persuasive dramatically. Her Cathy is a pretty blonde too passive for her own good, unable to rise to the challenge of New York and the kind of artists the city breeds... Her best moments came in the every-actors-nightmare number, "Climbing Uphill." Part humiliating audition, part internal monologue, it's a dazzling short story encapsulating life in the theater."

-- San Diego Union Tribune




    Suds, the Rockin 60s Musical Soap Opera (Erin as "Cindy")

"The performers at the Cuillo Centre are so winning and the music so infectious that they are justification enough for the whole exercise. As Cindy, Erin Cronican is endlessly perky, even when her world comes crashing down around her. She dashes through the period's many dance crazes with aplomb and a straight face-- no easy task."

-- Palm Beach Post, West Palm Beach, FL


"The cast includes Erin Cronican as the devastated Cindy who goes from despair singing about The End of the World to her much more self-assured These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ . Erin’s expressions, from poutiness to her goggling over Laundromat customer “Mr. Right,” are fittingly exaggerated for this silly but fun spoof...anyone who likes Sixties hits and good, semi-clean fun is likely to have a great time at this Wash-o-Rama.

-- San Diego Playbill




    Pieces (Erin as "Victoria" - Best of Fest- Outstanding Performance)

"Victoria’s (Erin Cronican) story and her age change as we regress from a bride-to-be to a child. Cronican is marvelous handling the stresses of each age completely naturally. As a bride-to-be, she is a happy young woman looking forward to a new and exciting life. That is until Reflections enters. As she regresses in age her movements and her speech capture the age exactly. The best performance of the evening. "

-- TMCPress.com


"Erin Cronican, an immensely appealing actress skilled at balancing vulnerability, concluded the evening in James Anthony Ellis’ “Pieces,” a series of losses regressing backwards through a woman/girl’s life. Len Irving is around for the occasional response but essentially this is a monologue of a sentimental, lachrymose sort..."

-- San Diego.com





    The Callback (Erin's solo cabaret)

"Last night it was my privilege to attend Erin Cronican's farewell performance at Schroeder's. We are going to miss this talented actress/singer/dancer. 'The Callback' was the name of her performance in which she blended her inimitable song styling with a touch of humor. The room was filled with the creme de la creme of the San Diego theatre scene, which meant I had to bribe my way in. Those that missed the show, missed a wonderful experience."

-- San Diego Theater Scene


"My god what a fantastic show ! Erin, you did it ! One of the best performances I have seen in many years. Trust me I am not an easy audience. You had me laughing and crying at the same time, making it difficult to hold on to the follow spot. Your show was put together like you had a staff of the best writers and producers in the business. To make me happy, other performers will need to come up to your level of excellence. Your audience loved you. You are a star."

-- Venue staff member




    Thank You, Next! (Erin's solo cabaret)

"Erin Cronican's debut at Schroeder's with Cris O'Bryon was fantastic. We had a wonderful comment from a patron who told me that she was so happy to have been one of the only 50 or 60 people in San Diego who were lucky enough to have heard Erin at Schroeder's that night."

-- Sher Kreiger, Producer


"Dear Erin, You are Terrific. The evening was delightful. I loved your choices. Some very demanding pieces... I could have listed to you and Cris all night...Thank you for a memorable evening."

-- Audience Member




    Angels in America (Erin as "The Angel")

"Erin Cronican plays sainthood tongue-in-cheek as the Angel who makes Prior prophet in hopes that God will come to heaven... The actors all double and triple cast except for Prior, make the most of every opportunity Kushner provides, and are especially amusing in the Mormon Museum and 'I'm In Heaven' scenes."

-- Backstage Magazine



The Wizard of Oz (Erin as "Glinda")

"Erin Cronican is Glinda, the beautiful Good Witch of the North. And if you weren't sure that she was good from her beauty and her pink dress and the big pink bubble she floats around in, Erin's voice is laced with such sugary sweetness and elegance, whether she's admitting to being "a little muddled" or singing "you're out of the woods, you're out of the dark, you're out of the night," there can be no doubt as to her being chock full of gooey-gumdrop goodness."

-- San Diego Playbill

Erin Cronican as Glinda



    The Manager (Erin as "Sarah")

"Erin Cronican makes a delightful return in this solo piece about a woman waiting, but trying not to wait, for a phonecall from a guy, while she analyzes every syllable he uttered for deeper significance “What is he thinking? He said ‘Later.”). Ultimately, she asserts her independence and self-respect – sort of... Just about everything I saw was top-notch, especially in terms of acting and directing – and isn’t that what it’s all about? A marvelous showcase for local talent."

-- San Diego Theatre Scene



    O'Mary's (Erin as "Toni / Christi")

"Vincent has [an] effervescent daughter, Christy (the glorious Erin Cronican)... Cronican absolutely is the one great thing in O'Mary's. Her characterizations are fleshed out nicely and it helps that she can sing, and beautifully at that. "Lost and Found," one of the ballads of the show could be just another number until Cronican saves it halfway through. When she belts out one of the other numbers "Keep That Rock and Roll Spirit," we can easily see the talent behind the so-so numbers. Once again, the material does not shine as nicely as the performer."

-- Update Magazine


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