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The Critics Rave...

Peter Filichia - “The finest performances I saw this month came from Erin Cronican and Brandon Walker... I was so impressed at their naturalness; these kids weren’t acting but had just happened to become the characters, that’s all. I look forward to seeing more at The Seeing Place.”

Daily Actor - "[In 'A Lie of the Mind'] the revelation is Cronican, who completely commits herself to her difficult role of Beth in a way I’ve never quite seen from her before. It’s always wonderful to still be surprised by someone I’ve seen several times in the past... it’s hard to take your eyes off Cronican."


Cultural Capitol - "[In 'Danny and the Deep Blue Sea'] Erin Cronican takes a star turn as a woman whose love might be able to save Danny, but isn’t enough to save herself. Her performance of Roberta was the most genuine and touching performance I have seen this year."

NY Daily News -- "As the wily reporter, Erin Cronican is enormously winning, excelling in "Once in a Lifetime" and "I Said It and I'm Glad... This is truly musical comedy, a now extinct species, and it is a marvel to me that you can find performers who can still do it."





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